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The members of Lodge 88 of the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police would like to thank everyone who attended the memorial service and rededication for Johnston County Deputy Clendon Paul West, Sr. on 27 September 2006. 

Six years before the national tragedy of September 11, 2001 - the date 9/11 marked a local tragedy, the death of Deputy Paul West.  It was on that date in 1995 when Paul and his partner went to serve a warrant and Deputy West was lost in the line of duty.

Paul was the finest example of a law enforcement officer and a man of remarkable courage and strength of character.  His loss was deeply felt by all who knew him. In the days following Paul was laid to eternal rest here in Sunset Memorial Park. Paul’s killer was located, taken into custody and charged for his crimes.

On March 10, 2006 two more offenders were located, taken into custody and charged with crimes against Deputy West. These 2 vandals came to this sacred place and vandalized 43 gravesites, including the final resting place of our brother Paul.

The members of the Lodge 88 of the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police were saddened by the actions of these vandals and told Paul’s family we would do what’s right and repair or replace the gravesite of one of our own.   Members of the Public Safety Community must support one another and help heal the hearts of family and friends.


A photo story with audio and video from the memorial service can be downloaded here.

The WRAL NEWS story covering this event can be viewed here.

“…on September 11th we marked the 11th anniversary of Paul’s death  and although many years have gone by he is not only remembered by his family but he is still remembered and loved by his community and that is the greatest testament of all…”

- The Family of Deputy Paul West


"...true heroism is remarkably sober, very un-dramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost..."

- Bryan Beatty quoting Arthur Ashe

Gravesite Rededicated For Slain Johnston County Deputy

Over 100 law enforcement officers gathered at Sunset Memorial Cemetery in Smithfield on Wednesday to rededicate the gravesite of Paul West, a Johnston County deputy who was gunned down in the line of duty 11 years ago.  Vandals damaged or destroyed 44 gravesites in the cemetery in March.  Members of the Johnston County chapter of the NC Fraternal Order of Police ensured West’s grave marker was repaired.  Jason Hutchins, President of the local Fraternal Order of Police chapter said West “was the finest example of a law enforcement officer.”  Bryan Beatty, Secretary of the NC Department of Crime Control & Public Safety said it was important to remember slain officers like Paul West who gave their lives serving others.  “They face the unknown every minute of their workday,” Beatty said of lawmen.  West’s family unveiled the new grave marker.  Former Johnston County Sheriff’s Lt. Ronald Medlin, who was wounded by the gunman who shot and killed Deputy West, also attended the rededication ceremony. - 1270 WMPM

Deputy's headstone to be rededicated

In March, vandals damaged nearly 50 gravesites at Sunset Memorial Park in Smithville. One of them, that of a fallen sheriff's deputy, will be rededicated Wednesday.
FULL STORY - News 14 Carolina

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